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ISX, AL-Mansour Bank

Post by kevlad on Thu Jul 03, 2008 12:49 pm

Iraq market for securities

ملخص حركة السوق لجلسة التداول يوم الخميس 2008/7/3
Summary of the market movement of the trading session on Thursday 2008/7/3
مؤشر السوق (38.331) نقطة التغير ( + 0.023 %)
Market index (38.331) point change (+ 0,023%)
الشركات : المتداولة 25 المرتفعة 6 المنخفضة 3 المستقرة 16 هيئة عامة 25
Companies: 25 traded high 6 low 3 established 16 public body 25

The Board of Governors approved the request to include the shares of Al-Mansour Bank to invest in Iraq market for securities, to provide the requirements for listing required by the securities.
وبعد ان استكمل اجراءات التسجيل سيتم اطلاق التداول على اسهم الشركة في السوق اعتبارا من جلسة الثلاثاء الموافق 200/7/8.
Having completed the registration procedure will be launched on the company's shares trading in the market as of Tuesday's meeting 200/7/8.
Held today, Thursday, approved 2008/7/3 second trading session for the month of July has been trading shares (25) joint-stock company exceeded the number of shares (630) million shares valued at more than (834) million dinars achieved through the implementation (217) held circulation.
Banking sector was marked at today's meeting to achieve the highest circulation in terms of the number of shares traded (62.5%), and trading volume (66.4%) and achieved industry ranked second in terms of the number of shares traded (24.3%) and trading volume (24.6%), while shared Other sectors ratios circulation remaining.

وقد تميزت جلسة اليوم بما يأتي :
Today's meeting was characterized by the following:
أ ـ ارتفاع المؤشر القياسي لقطاع الصناعة بنسبة (0.067%) واستقرار المؤشر القياسي لقطاعات المصارف والتأمين والاستثمار والخدمات والزراعة على نفس معدل نقاطه في الجلسة السابقة .
A rise in the benchmark rate for the industrial sector (0,067%) and the stability indicator index for the sectors of banking, insurance, investment, services and agriculture at the same rate points at the previous meeting.
وانخفاض المؤشر القياسي لقطاع الفنادق فقط بنسبة (0.031%) .
The lower the benchmark for the hotel sector only by (0,031%).

ب ـ ارتفاع مؤشر السوق العام (ISX Price Index) بنسبة(0.023%) عندما اقفل على (38.331) نقطة .
B rise in the general market index (ISX Price Index) rate (0,023%) when the Nikkei (38.331) points.

ج ـ تم غلق التداول اليوم على اسهم الشركات : مصرف الاتحاد العراقي لانعقاد الهيئة العامة له يوم 2008/7/15 ، لمناقشة الحسابات الختامية لعام 2007 .
C closure was trading in stocks of companies today: the European Bank for the Iraqi General Authority on 2008/7/15 him to discuss the final accounts for in 2007.
ومصرف الائتمان العراقي لانعقاد هيئتها العامة يوم 2008/7/17 وذلك لزيادة رأسمال الشركة (رسملة الارباح) وفقا للمادة (55/ثانيا) من قانون الشركات .
The Credit Bank of Iraq to the plenary on 2008/7/17 so as to increase the capital of the company (capitalization of profits) in accordance with Article (55 / II) of the Companies Act.
D would be opened Sunday circulation at the meeting of company shares on 2008/7/6 Bank Dar es Salaam and Zawra financial investment after the public and discuss their final accounts for recycling in 2007 and earned profits.

هـ ـ سيبدأ مصرف اشور الدولي بتوزيع شهادات الاسهم الجديدة اعتبارا من 2008/7/6 في مقر الشركة بعد رسملة ارباحه بنسبة (20%) وزيادة رأسماله بنسبة (66.6%) اي من (25) مليار دينار الى (50) مليار دينار وسيفتح التداول على اسهم الشركة اعتبارا من جلسة الاحد 2008/7/13 .
E Ashur International Bank will begin distributing new share certificates as of 2008/7/6 at the headquarters of the company after its profits by capitalization (20%) and increase its rate (66.6%) of any of (25) to one billion dinars (50) billion dinars and open trading The company's shares as of Sunday 2008/7/13 meeting.
And the implementation is given to the company's eligibility for insurance shares hit a number (50) million shares at a value of (50) million dinars at a price (1) dinars per share.
G implementation (47) holding non-Iraqi Chamber of the stocks of companies of the sectors of banking, industry and services exceeded the number of shares traded them (137) million shares valued at more than (233) million dinars, and companies are: Commercial Bank and the Islamic Bank and the Bank of the Middle East and the Bank of Basra and Babel Bank and the Bank Alorca And petroleum products transportation company and Nineveh Company for Food Industries and Baghdad gas Crescent industrial and light industries and chemical industries, electronic industries and modern dyes, mineral and motorcycles and finally industry cartoons.
H circulation of shares (25) company contribution rates rose Asarashm (6) companies, rates fell Asarashm (3) companies and maintained (16) companies on the same rates of the previous prices are still (7) companies are suspended from trading by decision of the securities of non-Iraqi Commitment to the standards of disclosure required.
I and circulation of shares (10) companies increased rates of bank shares (2) Company: Bank of the Middle East rate (2.1%) and the north bank rate (1.6%), the rate fell SHARE PRICE only by Gulf Bank (3.8%) and maintained (7) companies At the same rates of Macedonia, the banking index closed b (38.712) points.
J and circulating shares (10) industrial companies increased rates of shares (4) companies: mineral and motorcycles by (6%), the highest rate rise today and Nineveh by food (5.2%), light industry rate (4%) and finally cartoons by industry (3.5 %) Has reduced the price of shares of any company today, industrial and maintained (6) industrial companies at the same rates of Macedonia.
اغلق المؤشر الصناعي بـ (11.806) نقطة.
The industrial index closed b (11.806) points.
تفاصيل اخرى للنشرة تجدونها على الرابط التالي:
Further details of the bulletin be found at the following URL:


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