UN submits proposal for Kirkuk elections

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UN submits proposal for Kirkuk elections

Post by GottaDash on Fri Jul 04, 2008 7:18 pm

Friday, July 04, 2008 10:24 GMT
MP Abbas Al Bayati from Iraqi Unified Coalition List announced on Thursday that the United Nations Commission in Iraq has submitted a project to settle the elections hurdle in Kirkuk. Al Bayati told the AFP that copies of the project distributed among Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen in the city include four proposals to hold elections after a specified term namely holding elections after carrying out population census, or after reaching a final solution to Kirkuk status or after having a parliamentarian committee examine and study facts about Kirkuk or after concerned parties agree on a mechanism to share authority in the city.
It is to be noted that Kurds call to annex oil-rich Kirkuk to Kurdistan region while Turkmen and Arabs reject this call. It is known though that Constitution Article 140 stipulates to normalize the status of the city and carry out population consensus and a referendum in Kirkuk and other disputed regions in order to determine the stand of the people before December 13, 2007. Yet, the United Nations managed to get the approval on adjourning Kikruk fate referendum.
On June 26, Arab and Turkmen parties have announced to form an electoral alliance in face of Kurds in preparation to provincial elections in October 2008. Participants in the conference have called in the presence of US representative to hold elections under the supervision of United Nations committees.

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