Iraqi forces verge of self-sufficiency

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Iraqi forces verge of self-sufficiency

Post by Bambaboo on Mon Jul 07, 2008 1:41 pm

July 7, 2008

Iraqi forces verge of self-sufficiency

Disclosure of the "morning" proximity talks to end the foreign presence in the country
BAGHDAD - Al Sabah
His national security adviser Muwaffaq Al-Rubaie: that Iraqi forces advancing in the implementation of operations, which come very close to reach self-sufficiency, saying that there are talks to end the foreign presence in the country, confining

Military operations on Iraqi forces. The Al-Rubaie told of the "morning", "National reconciliation is becoming an ongoing process, not popularity or press conferences or sit down with the parties or the intensification of security measures or legislation approved by Parliament or the replacement of uprooting the Baath accountability and justice, noting that it" set of procedures can be Last years of time to build bridges of confidence between the components of Iraq because Makhalafth Qaida in Iraq was born gap between the components of the people and we need to months or perhaps years and a commitment to achieve and deepen reconciliation. "He added that the signing of the Helsinki Convention held in Baghdad yesterday, will contribute to this trend , In particular, we believe that the Maliki government of reconciliation that began in 2006 will not expire and will continue, noting that the best of those actions that contribute to support national reconciliation, which is on the ground, since what has been achieved at the level of building security forces and how to deal with people on Different components of the same way and place everyone under the law and be considered outlaws by the enemies of the fatherland, alluding at the same time that what happened in Basra, Amarah and Diyala evidence of the national government and its seriousness in adopting a draft reconciliation. Regarding the presence of foreign parties in the reconciliation conferences Al-Rubaie said: that this presence is important For the transfer of the Iraqi experiment successful in quelling the sectarian sedition and civil war, abortion and build bridges of confidence between the components of the Iraqi people, pointing out the importance of transferring this experience to all countries in the world and take advantage of them, pointing out that holding the conference in Baghdad, referring to the government's confidence high through its potential to invite the international community To hold meetings in Baghdad rather than the States and the countries of the world's Guide to the improvement of security is achieved and led to excellent results. With respect to the Convention long-term security, the national security adviser, said "supporter of what came to the San Prime Minister that cut the hands that sign an agreement with the Party Foreign affect the sovereignty of the country's independence and dignity ", stressing" We seek to hold conventions are in the interest of the country. "Al-Rubaie revealed that Iraq held talks on the process of ending foreign presence in Iraq and stop operations Alaskarihalajnabih and dates and places of ending this presence, stressing that" Iraqi forces around Closer to the stage of self-sufficiency and access to self-reliance in full which must be understood by the foreign party ", that is, they (Iraqi forces) are more qualified to conduct security operations in various regions of Iraq, saying:" The people of Mecca know stunning and that the people Iraqi comprises 99% of citizens who respect the law and enjoy the security awareness and the role of troops brought in, and we look forward to the day we see another American soldier leaves Iraq. "And on the Prime Minister's visit to Arab Al-Rubaie said that al-Maliki" has received a number of invitations from Arab countries, not only UAE surprised the world open up drive Iraq to the world ", where the Jordanian king's visit, Turkish Prime Minister to Baghdad the next few days, explaining that there are fears of some parties from Iraq's return to its position and regain its health as a fundamental pillar in the region, Iraq can dispense with the Pacific Arab and also is part of the Arab and Islamic nation and a member of it.




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