A good read from brother Ward. Thanks bro.

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A good read from brother Ward. Thanks bro.

Post by Adster on Tue Jul 08, 2008 3:45 am

point made here about the official removal of international trusteeship
under Security Council res. 1546 back in 2004. I think perhaps it was
paving the way. The author correctly points out the 2007 of Iraqi
political leaders recognizing the legal authority of UN resolutions
under the provision of Art.VII of the UN charter. This is further
confirmed under the declaration of principles signed in Nov 2007 all
point to the UN art. VII and UN 661 being in force. This was a final
Iraqi request to extend the arrangement. yet as we know there are other
concerns like Iraqi funds being attached once protection is removed,
which another reason to sign the Sofa as it has been reported to have
such a provision included. Anyway this was interesting information and
perhaps it will help us understand the matter more clearly.

Why get on Iraq from "Chapter VII"?

the focus of polit ical debate and controversy recently hot on the
details of the "status of forces" referred to above, has been only
rarely addressed the critical issue relied upon Iraqi parties that
originally justified in entering negotiations with the American side
about the long-term cooperation agreement. This is the issue relating to the Convention linking Iraq to graduate from the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations as it is no longer "poses a threat to international peace and security." Resolution
661 issued by the UN Security Council in August 1990 put Iraq under the
provisions of Chapter VII, enabling him to practice under international
trusteeship, as decisions are made on it by the Security Council and
not to negotiate with Iraq.
There can end this situation only through a decision of this Council cancels the previous resolutions applied to Iraq's sovereignty.
This despite the fact that resolution
1546 (8 June 2004) had provided for ending the occupation and authority "officially".

should be remembered that the "Statement of political leaders" of
Iraqis Aug. 26, 2007 included the following in point (2) of the third
paragraph at the end of the statement:

leaders stressed the importance of a multi-national forces at the
present time and appreciation for the sacrifices made by Iraq to assist
in maintaining security and stability ..
and the aspirations
of the leaders of the importance of linking the renewal of Security
Council resolution 1723 for one year and ending the Iraq subject to the
provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations and the
restoration of Iraq Full and normal as a full sovereign powers,

and be restored to the international legal status, any situation which
it had before the Security Council resolution 661 in in 1990. In this
context, leaders need to reach with the American s ide - and others if
necessary - to a long-term relationship based on Common interests and
covers various fields between Iraq and the United States, a goal that
is supposed to accomplish during the short period ahead. "

is important paragraph (which did not receive timely attention!), Which
was based upon "Declaration of Principles" signed after three months
between Bush and Maliki.

And also came at the end of the text of the "Declaration of Principles" in this regard as follows:

Iraqi government, an affirmation of the inalienable rights under the
existing Security Council resolutions, it will extend the assignment of
the multinational force in Iraq in accordance with Chapter VII of the
United Nations one last time. As a condition to this request, following
the end of the extension mentioned above, will put Iraq under Chapter
VII and classified threat to peace And security, and will return to
Iraq and the internat ional legal status that was enjoyed before the UN
Security Council Resolution 661 (in August, 1990), thus enhancing the
recognition and affirms the full sovereignty of Iraq and territorial
waters, air space, and control over his forces and management of its
affairs. "

Wanted to add more to
the idea. Plus notice the connection to the ICI and the affirmation of
UN control of Iraqi funds. Good news is that the Convention agreement
is moving forward and IMO will agreed to soon, but no later than end of

Political one: POLITICIANS l ((Sabah)): economic
partnership agreement with the United States based on the axes
International Covenant


Refused to shackle the Iraqi economy and the imposition of recommendations on Baghdad
BAGHDAD - Al Sabah

stemmed Iraqi negotiator in talks with the American side on the
economic partnership agreement multifaceted (Framework) of the four
basic principles to reach an agreement, according to contribute to the
development of various sectors of the Iraqi economy and achieve the
desired benefits in the rehabilitation of infrastructure destroyed.

moves coincide with negotiations convention security, especially after
it was merging the two specialist team to negotiate one. A number of
politicians in their statements of the "morning" warned against any
possible link of the Iraqi economy, the economy of any foreign state
and shackle restrictions h amper their freedom of investment and mask
its financial resources of any country in the world, stressing the need
to achieve a set of demands within the economic agreement with the
United States . He said Sheikh Hamid milestone in the coalition unified
leadership: that the Iraqi delegation negotiating principles and
adheres to several basic principles through dialogue with the American
side to reach the two security and economic interests that are being
negotiated around. He identified the advertiser-Sheikh told the
"morning" four basic principles that will focus upon the Iraqi
delegation during the convention economic talks, notably to preserve
the higher interests of the country and that economic cooperation with
the United States, according to the laws in
force in the country which includes the legalization movement of
foreign investors in accordance with the legal investment and oil The
gas, in addition to the Convention to enjoy transparent and should
include legal and mor al obligation by Washington, as well as the need
to contribute to helping Iraq to build and upgrade their economies and
benefit from the experiences TECHNOLOGICAL ADVICE in the rehabilitation
of infrastructure. He pointed out that the Convention will launch the economic hubs of the underlying document International Covenant
across the trend to privatize the economy and providing opportunities for participation and investment by providing an opportunity for foreign investors and
with the participation of Iraqi actors, and revealed that the political
council of national security in the face during a recent meeting, which
discussed the developments of the conduct of talks and responses U.S.
demands Iraq and examine ideas put forward, to unite to negotiate ad
hoc Group on Security Agreement and the Convention negotiating team
multifaceted team has one vision of an integrated and oversees the
debates on the two conventions. Turn across
from the Kurdistan Alliance MP Khalil protected his belief that the
improved economic situation will stabilize and the improved security
conditions and political conditions in the country, stressing the need
to give any convention concluded priority in the rehabilitation of the
infrastructure of the country and the recycling of the economic wheel,
particularly since the Iraqi economy depends on income Oil and oil
sector is neglected and suffers from a lot of problems do not match the
capabilities of Iraq's oil, which occupies first place worldwide
reserve up to more than 300 billion barrels, gas reserves in addition
to 52 trillion cubic meters.
The committee member in the
House of Representatives economic importance of the Convention that
opens the economic area to create employment opportunities and causes
of economic growth and interest by the industry and give priority to
addressing economic problems objectively and patriotic, as well a s
benefit from the experiences of the United States in the field of
economy and scientific techniques AND TECHNOLOGICAL ADVICE to serve the
country , Pointing
out that "the development of existing and Iraqi funds frozen in
international banks and termination of the compensation issue in Iraq
as a result of past wars and the survival of Iraq under Chapter VII of
the reasons that shackle the development of the country."
refused to shackle the Iraqi economy and linking the economy of other
countries in any future convention or a Conventions do not stem from
the strategic economic and clear and specific, in addition to the lack
of transparency is one of the raised red lines, indicating that the
agreement with the U.S. economic aspects include scientific and
Tknloger and development, where many items are conventions strategy
necessary to take advantage of them through reading and discussion of
focus, particularly And that marred some previou s drafts to touch the
faltering Iraqi sovereignty.

his part, stressed deputy, Abdul Karim al consensus that negotiations
had begun between Iraq and the United States on the partnership
agreement, which will include aspects of economic, service, cultural and Tknloger, noting that the committee formed by the government and retaining specialized in these areas.

The Vice-Chairman of the Commission on Security and Defence in the House of Representatives that the economic aspect of the
Convention must achieve an important issue concerning the need to exit
from Iraq and liberates Chapter VII of the UN Trusteeship funds,
require guarantees and undertakings of the United States and the
international community to remain immune to prosecution for money "
False "submitted by the parties and international courts, explaining
that he had been assigned to large public relations companies and law
firms specia lized study of the topic to break the ideal formula.

explained that Iraq is a rich country can get its economy from all the
economies in the world and if we were able to exit from the
restrictions imposed on it (Iraq) to recover as soon as possible,
stressing the need to ensure that any convention economic liberalization Iraqi links that hinder it, either In the area linked to foreign currencies or other,
in addition to keeping Iraqi funds frozen in the countries of the world
and the survival of immunity and freedom in Iraq, investment and the
use of these funds in special projects.

this last paragraph concerns itself with protection of Iraqi funds from
external liabilities whether it be Iraqi funds currently frozen in
accounts in other nations or other. also once restrictions are removed
Iraq can recover quickly.]
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Re: A good read from brother Ward. Thanks bro.

Post by TerryTate on Tue Jul 08, 2008 4:21 am

Thanks for the info there Adster.
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