The spring after meeting with Sistani: WE'RE establish any military bases inside Iraqi territory

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The spring after meeting with Sistani: WE'RE establish any military bases inside Iraqi territory

Post by Seaview on Tue Jul 08, 2008 10:19 am

The Iraqi national security adviser, Muwaffaq Al-Rubaie, Iraq rejected any military bases on its territory, "What camps were not subject to Iraqi sovereignty," stressing that "Iraq will not accept the agreement detract from national sovereignty," as he put it.

He said Al-Rubaie, told reporters, after meeting, today, Tuesday, in Najaf with religious authority Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, said "the so-called convention, we call it a memorandum of understanding, especially as they govern the relationship between the interim Iraqi government foreign troops, can not be approved Iraq on any formula or any agreement or memorandum of understanding affect the sovereignty of Iraq and the Iraqi government's opinion ", he said, pointing out that what is being negotiated now between Iraq and America is the" memorandum of understanding, not a convention or treaty. "

The Iraqi National Security Adviser that "Iraq can accept the existence of stable, but the camps and be under control and the Iraqi government, and also do not accept the memorandum of understanding with the foreign partner not include the dates and times of clear and specific evacuation of foreign troops from Iraq, as we do not talk about things But vague talk about the evacuation of American troops from Iraq. "

But Al-Rubaie refused at the same time, identify specific dates for withdrawal of foreign Iraq, expressing "cautious optimism about" and noting that there were some obstacles, saying that "it is difficult now to disclose this information dates, although he talked about the prospects of time to evacuate, and we are talking also about the prospects Time to evacuate, but they differ from the talk completely. "

National security adviser said he "prefers to leave it to the negotiators, especially as these very sensitive negotiations, despite achieving some progress in some of the steps, but there are some problems and some difficulties still ahead of us," and he believed the possibility of overcoming these obstacles, stressing that "identifying Dates will be very difficult at this time. "

And on the position of religious authority in Najaf, Al-Rubaie said that "the reference monitor the situation closely and near, which is on until the precise details, although they consider the grand strategy of the general situation, but also consider the details and carefully observe the scene and monitor the positions of the other political forces, namely with Iraqi national consensus and with the political forces gathered by the Iraqi national and Islamic countries in Iraq. "

And the possible impact of the U.S. Congress on the negotiations, Al-Rubaie said, "We are not interested decisions of others, they can decide for negotiations or negotiating team, and we have a House of Representatives and the Council of a political and national government headed by Maliki, and we have a historic political parties leading the country", stressing the common Iraq stance To authorize "the prime minister to negotiate on this matter" as saying.

The religious authority in Najaf, had been earlier in several conditions for the acceptance of the Convention, including transparency and not compromising the sovereignty of Iraq, in addition to the need to be submitted to the Iraqi parliament.

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