Iraqi American Convention

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Iraqi American Convention

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Iraqi American Convention

By examining the reality of international relations and a network of interests that drive those relations shows that States are on the move continuously through the holding of conventions and treaties and to enter into alliances, whether political or economic, commercial or artistic

States are moving according to their interest to other States and organizations for the holding of alliances and agreements which envisage their common interest.

For the Iraqi American relations today must have the same content is the existence of common interests between the two sides must be organised convention or treaty, the first objective, which must move him by the Iraqi government is working to exit Iraq from the so-called item VII, which make States occupied Iraq Thus recover full sovereignty.

So that it can negotiate with the American side out of strength and not weakness as a state under U.S. control and the possibility of imposing conditions largely American, for the restoration of full sovereignty before the convening of the agreement with the American side is a popular demand and the government, so that we can negotiate from a position of strength, and thus be Convention based on respect for sovereignty and the common interests of both countries.

This is the direction I and the first step in holding any international convention, we are not against holding agreements with any country in the world including the United States, but we encourage the holding of such conventions Thus with the United States for being the first country in the world politically, economically and militarily and in terms of information, the State owns all These capabilities serve Iraq in the current period for the Advancement of re-construction and restoration of Iraq's status as a leader in the Middle East, but this agreement must be given the conditions imposed by the Iraqi negotiator who is supposed to be on the high degree of expertise and competence to manage the position held meetings Convention and exit benefits Greater concessions.

For that must composition of advisers front of university professors in the field of politics, law, economics and military science, to provide advice and guidance to the Iraqi negotiator who must determine the specific conditions in the convention begins to identify certain period of time ending at the Convention and the validity of renewal, however, the Iraqi government after consulting the people Through a referendum.

In addition to focusing on the economic side and rebuilding the Iraqi economy, and opening investment opportunities to foreign firms and U.S. corporations have priority in return for Iraq's right to maintain production and the price of oil, rather be left as the price of oil prices prevailing in the global market as well as take advantage of the possibilities in the American military sphere In rehabilitating and training Iraqi forces and armaments with determining the feasibility timetable for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq and not allowing the use of Iraqi territory to attack any country in return pledged not to attack U.S. forces until their withdrawal from Iraq ...

All these conditions must be contained in the Convention as I nominate the exposure draft before signing the Convention and presented to Parliament must be presented to the people through popular referendum to determine trends and views of the people.

After all, and if not applied these things and other things political leadership was initiated by then we will be in front of the occupation of political and economic replace military occupation, that with respect to conditions that should be provided in the Convention.

As for the referendum, we know that the Constitution had not set a text which obliges the government to offer conventions to be held on the people to take the banner, including the referendum that drew a prerequisite for semi-direct democracy is in place in parliamentary democracies, we nominated introduced a draft convention on the people to take up the banner and This was the kind of consultative referendum to know the views and beliefs that people as a result of the referendum non-binding on the government but serve the last to know the opinion of the Iraqi street to the Convention and to work within the People's directions in order to gain legitimacy and ensure that the Convention to achieve electoral success in the coming elections.

The paper referendum must assume several options rather than mere approval or rejection, but included several questions and answers at several options for examination by specialists and the lifting of scientific opinion to the government that can act according to this trend confirms the democratic spirit and the desire to engage people in the management of power and install An approach based upon democratic political system in Iraq



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