Insiders: Israeli Strike On Iranian Targets Imminent

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Insiders: Israeli Strike On Iranian Targets Imminent

Post by TerryTate on Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:21 pm

In a recent piece for the Washington Post, Israeli commentator Yossi
Melman writes: “No decision to attack Iran has been made in Israel” and
it is “a matter of at least one year” before any decision will be made.

Melman’s words seem enough to convince the editorial staffs of
publications like the Post and the Nation. But sources inside the U.S.
intelligence and Defense communities are telling us, there is an
increasing “probability” that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) will soon
strike Iranian nuclear facilities. The strikes — if they take place —
will be far more extensive than that which occurred during the strike
against Iraq’s Osirak nuclear facility in 1981. The new strikes will
target much more than just the nuclear sites. The extent to which
America will or will not provide support will depend on multiple
variables. And the strikes will not be over in a single night.
“To hit the number of targets the Israelis need to hit with their
force structure would require several days,” Lt. Gen. Thomas G.
McInerney (U.S. Air Force, ret.), former assistant vice chief of staff
of the Air Force, tells HUMAN EVENTS. “If they did it in a night —
with, say, 100 airplanes — they’d probably inflict significant damage
to Bushehr and other facilities, but it would be more difficult to hit
the deep bunkers at Natanz.”
But, McInerney adds, the problems associated with an air campaign
that goes beyond 24 hours is “it becomes more difficult politically
because you’ve got to have more people complicit in terms of airspace
requirements, etc.”
Nevertheless, a multi-phased campaign lasting several days is what
the current plan looks like according to analysts and insiders.
One intelligence community source tells us, “The campaign will last more than a few days, perhaps up to a week or more.”

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Hmm. I can't decide who wants to fight more. The Iranians or Israelis. Trouble is both sides seem to want the U.S. to take the first shot. Not that I'm opposed to that, I would just rather do it on our own terms, and not theirs.
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