(Timing scary): A wave of violence plaguing the country following one day of the Iraqis to escalate pressure the withdrawal of the Americans

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(Timing scary): A wave of violence plaguing the country following one day of the Iraqis to escalate pressure the withdrawal of the Americans

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(Timing scary): a wave of violence plaguing the country following one day of the Iraqis to escalate pressure (scheduling) the withdrawal of the Americans

20 killed in explosions and wounding more than 40 and the discovery of 22 corpses in the school yard and armed ATTACKS Ramadi mosque killed 6 and injured 8

BAGHDAD - Washington - Portfolio Press:

Analysts believed that what happened yesterday, Wednesday, - the day on which they branded b ((bloody)) at the lower of the terrorist attacks - is already ((timing scary)) coincided with a wave of bombings and acts of violence that has swept several areas in Iraq, after only one day of escalating Iraqi officials claim to the pressures toward some form of scheduling the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq. It (the claim) that have not materialized so far in a specific and known, but the seriousness of American concerns about the consequences, referring to their importance and ((serious)) government's decision to use it (the pressure of big paper) in the Iraqi American negotiations now under way.
In the report, told the Associated Press said that an attack is very bad for a suicide bombing in Mosul which led to the deaths of eight and injuring 41 others, with the IAEA confirmed that a number of attacks carried out by gunmen resulted in the deaths of 20 Iraqis and killing one American soldier, according to officials in Mosul spoke of the agency.

The officials in the Iraqi army that led the suicide car bomb in the attack on a military convoy carrying an Iraqi commander in the big city of Mosul. The assailants driving a speeding car killed a policeman in Mosul, where it is believed that many of the extremists who fled to havens secret inside the city and they are few , Or fled to Baghdad and other areas.

The other hand, Iraqi police said that the former stronghold of Fallujah rebels year, also saw a bomb explosion outside a building for the Bank, Fadi blast killed four police officers and one civilian and wounding 15 others. Police said the explosion happened in the initial six o'clock in the morning, with the aim of attracting more police officers and ordinary people to the site of the explosion and then the second explosion occurred, which led to casualties.

Ramadi police reported by other workers that they rebuild schools, they discovered 22 bodies, mostly under layers of cement at a playground for school pupils. The police said that the remains - as believed - of persons buried more than a year ago in this place. She called the police missing relatives to come to the site. According to official at the police refused to reveal his name for security reasons, the wife of a man identified the corpse of her husband's religion of clothing that the victim was wearing. In Samarra, north of Baghdad, a bomb exploded at an American convoy, which killed an American soldier and wounding two, according to a statement issued from the information the American Army.

The armed men entered late on Wednesday a mosque in the Abu Ghraib west of Baghdad, opening fire on worshippers, killing 6 and 8 others rightly garage. According to officials in the Iraqi police, the Iraqi military forces looking for armed who carried out the heinous crime.

He says political analyst (Christopher) Thorshia the bombings and acts of suicide, in addition to armed attacks, made it bloody on Wednesday (which killed more than twenty Iraqi and American troops), although military officials confirm reports that there was a sharp decline in attacks and victims in the months The latter.
The decline in violence over the past year is attributed to the efforts of the additional troops, Sunni tribes fighting against the forces of terrorism and repression carried out by the government against Shiite and Sunni militias. But U.S. generals had led efforts train Iraqi security forces, yesterday, Wednesday, warned in Washington that the ((mixed progress in Iraq - a weakness and strength - and that long-term assistance will be required to Americans)), as he put it.

The Associated Press that no explosions on Wednesday, came one day after Iraqi officials to escalate pressure on Washington to agree to a specific schedule for withdrawal of U.S. forces in a reference to the growing confidence of the Iraqi government itself, and also to decrease or lower rates of violence in the country. The Iraqi army said yesterday, Wednesday, the number of terrorist attacks in June dropped by 85 percent lower than it was in the month of June last year.

It was Major General (Qassim al-Musawi) Iraqi military spokesman had said in a press conference that last month saw the attack rate of 25 attacks a day, compared with 160 attacks during the month of June in 2007. But (Musawi) did not give any further details on the terms of these attacks. But The agency Associated Press, presented figures which showed that the decline in the number of dead reached 66 percent, not 85 percent during the same periods and murder rate dropped to 554 in June 1642 between the months of the last two years.

By another army issued a statement emphasizing the American release of 9047 detainees during the last months of the current year, as had been released in 2007 through 8956. The American army statement said that the United States plans to transfer responsibility for prison administration to the Iraqi government. But the statement did not specify No date for that.




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