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London to pay

Post by movetopi on Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:19 am

- The British Ministry of Defense to pay about three million sterling
pounds (six million dollars) in compensation to a group of Iraqi
civilians by British soldiers beaten and tortured in southern Iraq in
The settlement
came the first of its kind this size paid by Britain to detainees in
Iraq after years of consideration of lawsuits filed by lawyers
representing nine Iraqis, including the father of the man who died
while in British custody southern city of Basra.
She said Lee Dae law firm that lesbian plaintiffs that the shared amount of 2.83 million pounds sterling.
said Martin Dai, a senior partner at law firm in a statement: "Over a
period OUR CLIENTS like hell during the last few years and this
settlement will help them to some extent to live a sort of dignified
life in the future." The
Ministry of Defence in March British troops in March that violated the
human rights of Iraqis is recognition opened the way for negotiations
on a settlement.
The ministry said in a statement that settlement as amicable and said it provided with an apology to the Iraqis.
statement said "it is true that compensation has been agreed through
mediation. The army major effort since the occurrence of such incidents
in order to improve procedures and training."
British soldiers had been arrested men raided the hotel through Basra
in September in September 2003 in search of militants. And
remained in detention for more than 36 hours were interviewed during a
violent manner and subjected to beatings and ill-treatment.
strongest one of the men allegedly Baha Mousa, who had worked hotel
receptionist, died after he was number 93 wounded, including broken
nose and Aladila. It was 26 years old at that time, leaving two children.
wife died two months ago and found swelling in the brain. A British
soldiers serving in Iraq for a series of accusations of torture and
ill-treatmen. The
21 soldiers of the military trials because of their actions but was
convicted only one soldier after his confession of mistreating

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