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asd cash generator

Post by haysue on Fri Jul 11, 2008 7:07 am

I started to use an ad program to promote some websites I got into to make money, funny thing is it is making me more money than any thing else I've done. I am makin 1%+ a day and am able to compound so it is addin up fast. you can sign up and look it over for free(they won't ever charge you) go to asdnews and you will be able to see what rebate % were paid back to March and if you put in a dollar amt and calculate what you would have made you will be surprised. You do have to have a site to promote, I ve seen major companies like Macy's and AT&T and networkers and churches even towns. If you have a site great if not join it is under $10 per month and I get more than that from the free stuff. More important you have a site to promote. I didn't put in more in the ad packages than I could let sit for a year because I want to let it build. Then I will draw out 20% per month and still grow my business and it will provide an income the rest of my life. cheers cheers cheers

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