Washington will lose any justification for its presence in Iraq end of the year »

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Washington will lose any justification for its presence in Iraq end of the year »

Post by Kiny0625 on Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:51 am

(Voice of Iraq) - 12-07-2008

will lose any justification for its presence in Iraq end of the year»
... Al-Sadr trend confirms that support for the Maliki government
limited to the position of scheduling withdrawal
BAGHDAD - Jawdat Kadhim life - 12/07/08 / /

An Iraqi in Sadr City, speaking to American soldiers. (Reuters)
trend is gratifying to positions of pro-government «do not reflect the
absolute support them, but the support and endorsement to statements
made by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki during his recent visit to the
UAE», with close connections to al-Maliki confirmed that «the United
States will lose the end of this year every justification Legal and
national or international presence inside Iraq without the agreement
includes timetables for withdrawal ».

The names of the
Attorney-Musawi, a member of political bureau of al-Sadr's trend, that
«Trend supports the positions of the government calling for
rescheduling the withdrawal of American forces», explained in a
conversation with «life» that «what was announced by the Prime Minister
during his recent visit to the Emirates deserves the support and
backing of all national forces The political blocs ». She pointed out
that «Trend he was ahead in the Declaration of the pro-government
stances, despite the existing differences between the parties». But
however that «Lombard does not mean absolute support for the
government. We support and offer support to them in terms of scheduling
the withdrawal of occupation forces from Iraq, a demand advocated by
the trend since in 2005 and so far ». As the «flexible attitudes about
current angina government did not change attitudes towards the recent
Al-Sadr followers, is still continuing indiscriminate arrests together
to crush the families inhabiting Sadr City». She went on to say: «today
(yesterday) was beaten encircled Concrete in the arena adjacent to the
office of martyr al-Sadr in the city where the land was held Friday

In addition, the MP Hassan Al-Sunaid, on the bloc
«coalition consolidated» close to the Prime Minister, that «the
survival of U.S. forces in the country without legal cover after the
end of this year, will allow it in direct confrontation with its
citizens and it will cause considerable embarrassment at the
international level». He told «life» that «the presence of U.S. forces
in Iraq will finish last this year, as the UN Security Council approved
legislation granting legitimacy, pointing out that« the government
announced earlier this year not to renew the survival of U.S. forces in
the scope of Security Council resolutions, The resolution received the
endorsement Iraqi parliament, and on America's search for a cover to
justify staying in Iraq ». He added that «the Iraqi dilemma agreement -
the U.S. is essentially an American problem, it will justify the legal
umbrella of troops presence in Iraq». He continued: «it is not possible
to sign an agreement or memorandum of understanding with the United
States without scheduling the withdrawal of its troops».



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