MILITARY «Middle East»: America abandoned the Convention and put forward the idea of a supplement security

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MILITARY «Middle East»: America abandoned the Convention and put forward the idea of a supplement security

Post by Kiny0625 on Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:52 am

(Voice of Iraq) - 12-07-2008

role in the ruling coalition: Washington agreed to discuss a timetable
for withdrawing its troops standing 5 years .. Baghdad, 2 - 3 years

MILITARY «Middle East»: America abandoned the Convention and put forward the idea of a supplement security
BAGHDAD: Al-Salem Al-Rahma

leading figure in the ruling United Iraqi Alliance abandoned the idea
of U.S. military Convention floating the idea of a security protocol to
the Convention second, which means determining relations between the
two countries in matters of economy, reconstruction and culture, with
continued trend angina led the young cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's
demonstration after Friday prayers yesterday , An expression of its
position of refusing to sign the Convention on the troops. Two Iraqi
and negotiate with the American party to put two before the end of July
(July) Monday, means the first, a broader, general framework for
relations between the two countries, which did not reflect any of the
parties about the existence of disagreements around, while the second
concerned with the development of U.S. forces in Iraq, which raised The
controversy around the scale.

He said the military told
«Middle East», that «there is no conventions for the time being, there
is also a dead end, especially as talks are still going». He added,
stressing that «the Americans abandoned the idea of a military
convention and put forward the idea of a security protocol to the
Convention on the substitute».

The military confirmed that
talks between the two sides were continuing, stressing that the Iraqi
government raised the issue of scheduling the withdrawal and evacuation
of the multinational forces, because they are the flip side of any
convention. The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has said he
received the Arab ambassadors accredited in the UAE within the
framework of the visit to Abu Dhabi last Sunday, «the continued
negotiations with the American side, and that the current trend is to
reach a memorandum of understanding, either The evacuation of its
forces, or memorandum of understanding to reschedule its withdrawal ».
And between the military «America is talking about approved timetable
for the withdrawal of these forces within five years from the date of
signing the Convention, and believed that the time horizon posed by
Iraq from 2 to 3 years max».

The military acknowledges that
the security file in all provinces of the country will be the end of
this year, there will be a withdrawal of all multinational forces
outside the city mid in 2009. With the end in 2010 will be all those
forces retreating except air which we believe those troops to Iraq,
where Iraqi forces will be able in 2011 to control the airspace.

Convention on the «strategic framework», and whether to be signed will
be in isolation from the convention security, said the military
«despite the absence of a framework agreement on the problems, many of
which have been completed, but the government does not want to sign
separately from determining the status of U.S. forces».
Related topics
Washington seeking a duration of 5 years to withdraw its troops and Baghdad wants 3

stressed that the framework agreement «obliges Iraq to remove the item
VII and the protection of Iraq's funds, as well as commitment to
democracy and respect for the Constitution and the Iraqi economy, in
addition to finding solutions to the problem of Iraq's creditors».

believe that the parties might sign the Convention «strategic
framework» on the date declared (late this month) to save face, pending
agreement on the future of U.S. forces.

For his part, Sheikh
Humaid milestone, adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister and leader of the
Supreme Council of Islamic, that the talk now is about the constants
announced, which include not compromising the independence of Iraq and
the quest to find the ceilings of time, so as not to conflict with what
had been previously. He told «Middle East» that «what is considered a
related development field to the Iraqi forces, the ability and
readiness of those forces to take over the security file in the
provinces, and carry out its functions independently». He stressed that
the milestone «Iraq demands that there be a review to assess the
situation within the ceilings of time, specifically every six months or
a year and leaves loosely and stateless transparency».

milestone «There must be lifted reviews and field reports as the status
of readiness of Iraqi security forces, which dispense it slowly from
the multinational forces». He pointed out that «Americans believe that
the scheduling objective (of withdrawal) to consider the substantive
development of Iraqi forces incoming security file, while the Iraqi
side believes this is true with the claim that the subject matter of
timetables and leaves is not clear-cut». Elsewhere, supporters
demonstrated Trend issued after Friday prayers in protest at the
conclusion of the agreement with the United States in Kufa and Sadr
City and Al-Kut.

He said Sheikh Salah al-Obaidi, spokesman for
Trend, in Friday prayer sermon in front of crowds of worshippers at
Kufa Mosque (150 km south of Baghdad), that «the current angina
continue to demonstrate, to reject long-standing convention even
cancelled». The demonstrators carried banners with «Convention bondage
was suspicious of Iraq», and «Convention violation of the law and the
Constitution», and «will not allow Iraq to be an American colony». The
protesters chanted «both both the United States .. Both both Israel ».


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