Riyadh and Baghdad CONSIDER file of Saudi prisoners in Iraq Monday

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Riyadh and Baghdad CONSIDER file of Saudi prisoners in Iraq Monday

Post by Kiny0625 on Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:54 am

(Voice of Iraq) - 12-07-2008

Riyadh and Baghdad CONSIDER file of Saudi prisoners in Iraq Monday

for the human rights body told «Middle East»: We wish to contribute to
meeting the «disengagement deciphering» a missing

RIYADH: Turkish Neigh
officials and discuss Iraqis next Monday, in the Jordanian capital
Amman, the Saudi prisoners on Iraqi territory, the first gathering of
its kind held between the parties to discuss the situation of law with
these detainees.

He informed «Middle East» Dr. Zuhair
Al-Harthy spokesman governmental human rights body, a body that was
behind holding this meeting, the Saudi delegation will be officials
from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior, General
Intelligence Agency, the Saudi Red Crescent.

The Al-Harthy,
the Saudi side, had the desire to hold this meeting on Iraqi territory,
but the unstable security situation in that country, led them to select
Jordan, the ground for this meeting, who said he will also discuss the
issue of the missing Saudis in Iraq, said «wish Contribute to this
meeting in deciphering the disengagement of those who lost there ».

Iraqi delegation will chair the upcoming bilateral talks, Wijdan Salim,
Minister of Human Rights, and the presence of general manager Omar
Alborznge Human Rights Chamber in the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, in Sinop,
Dr. Zeid Al-Hussein, Vice President-governmental human rights body,
chairman, to the presidency of the Saudi delegation.

spokesman for the government human rights body, who was talking to Al
«Middle East» via telephone yesterday, to conflicting figures they have
received from the Iraqi side, the Saudi prisoners detained in the
prisons of the Iraqi authorities, said «is supposed to contribute to
meet with the parties the day after tomorrow, to clarify the truth
Figures citizens detained there ».
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described Zuhair Al-Harthy, the file of prisoners and missing Saudis in
Iraqi territory b «thorny and commentator», as it held that the
expected meeting is «important step» for sorting out this file.

to government human rights body, the two sides to meet with Saudi and
Iraqi, in the middle of this week, has been preparing for it since a
few months, and that Turki Al-Sudairy initiative of the President of
the Inn, where the thought came to this initiative, after receiving the
series of communications requesting assistance in Clarifying the
conditions of their sons, was informed that they were going to Iraq,
after their arrival in Syria, which took them to the transit station of
the country who were detained or have lost it. Dr. Zuhair Al-Harthy,
the human rights body by moving in this framework covering official and
a green light from the Saudi official, trying to do its part to ensure
that their nationals detained in Iraq, enjoying their legal rights and
are subject to fair trials. This is the meeting between Saudi officials
and Iraqis at a time when Riyadh confirmed receipt of groups of
citizens detained in Iraqi prisons, in turn, calls for Saudi
authorities of Iraq, efforts to implement its promises to hand over all
Saudi detainees to their home.



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