Iraqis deny U.S. use of Israeli airspace to strike Iran, Iraq

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Iraqis deny U.S. use of Israeli airspace to strike Iran, Iraq

Post by Kiny0625 on Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:55 am

(Voice of Iraq) - 12-07-2008
Iraqis deny U.S. use of Israeli airspace to strike Iran, Iraq
BAGHDAD: Huda Jassem London: «Middle East»

government said yesterday that not aware of any exercises of Israeli
Air Force in the skies of Iraq. As the American army denied such
information was not his intention to use Iraqi airspace to attack
neighboring countries «not now, not the future».

newspaper «Jerusalem Post» has published on its sources that the Iraqi
Ministry of Defense informed the local news network that military
aircraft of the Israeli Air Force was trained in Iraqi airspace and
landed at American airbases in the country in preparation for a
possible strike against Iran.

He denied the Skinner, spokesman
for the Iraqi government, told «Middle East» presence «abuse of Iraqi
airspace or facilities by the multinational forces to any point», and
added: «According to the Constitution will not allow the use of our
airspace to attack countries in the region».

For his part,
said Maj. Gen. Mohamed military spokesman of the Iraqi Ministry of
Defense told Reuters that the ministry has not monitored any aircraft
belonging to the Israeli air force was training in the skies of Iraq.

addition, Abdel-Latif Ryan, the information advisor to the coalition
forces in Iraq, said that «we do not have information on this subject
(Israeli aircraft to use Iraqi airspace), including the Iraqi airspace,
under the protection of coalition forces, this subject is not exist at

He denied Ryan told «Middle East» intention of American
forces use Iraqi airspace to attack Iran and said «Iraqi airspace will
not be used against any country is not in training for launching a
military strike, not now and not in the future».
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an Israeli security source said that the report which was published on
the newspaper site on the Internet and quoted a local news network
«error». The «Jerusalem Post» that he could not ascertain the
authenticity of the report.

The site «Nhreinnnt. Net», which
did not prove its credibility, in an article published Wednesday, the
Israeli fighters used a month ago under the control of the Americans in
the western Iraqi desert in preparation for possible tasks against
Iranian nuclear facilities.

The site was based on sources not
identified by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense in turn transferred from
the retired officers in Anbar province, to confirm that Israeli planes
pass Jordanian airspace before landing at the base of modern, which
lies 260 km north west of Baghdad.

In addition, diplomatic
sources said yesterday that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and
Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, visiting Washington
separately this month for talks on Iran's nuclear programme.

said that Barak, who had another visit to Washington in October
(October) will travel next Monday to the U.S. capital for three days of
talks with senior officials of the U.S. administration of President
George W. Bush, including Vice President Friend Cheney and Secretary of
Defense Robert Gates. Diplomatic sources said that Ashkenazi had been
scheduled initially to work his first visit to Washington on July 25
(July). The Israeli diplomatic source said that «these visits is
routinely given the alliance relationship between us, but of course
Iran top of the agenda».


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