Political one: electricity invites private sector to build power stations around the country

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Political one: electricity invites private sector to build power stations around the country

Post by Kiny0625 on Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:58 am


Electricity invites private sector to build power stations around the country
Baghdad, Tariq Al-Araji
ministry said the lifting of the continuing campaign excesses of the
network included a large number of housing units and officials of the
headquarters of political parties and some circles-service application
of the decision to lift the exceptions,

With the ministry
showed it moving towards privatization of the electricity sector
through private sector involvement in the construction of electric
stations. The minister said Dr. Karim Wahid for "Sabah" The decision to
lift the exceptions of the blocks programmed valid and Cadres rose
excesses of a large number of housing units belonging to the officials,
in addition to the headquarters of some political parties and
non-official circles service. He added that the decision is consistent
with the application of a plan to impose the law of not waive the
rights of citizens because these abuses cause to deprive many areas of
the capital Baghdad of electricity, especially that the goal of the
ministry to ensure equitable distribution and processing of citizens
additional hours of electricity. He emphasized that a single daily
field tours conducted by the All regions in Baghdad emerged from the
separation of a number of staff manipulators quotas citizens, noting
that all staff were warned of the consequences of overtaking because
they expose themselves to the chapter. He appealed to citizens
rationalization of electricity consumption, thus contributing to
increased energy processed them, explaining that the Ministry is
currently importing large quantities of smart measurements that help in
determining the volume of consumption, along with that will focus in
areas that included the draft ten Lambert ensure that no overtaking and
the revival of this project who had been exposed to failure Due to
excessive abuses. The minister disclosed that the Ministry of
Electricity has identified five areas where plants would be built by
the private sector on the basis of investment, they have developed a
system calling for privatization of electricity directly to the private
sector to implement such projects because it will contribute to the
addition of new productive capacities.



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