Report: Iraqi government and the international community failed in managing the crisis of Iraqi refugees

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Report: Iraqi government and the international community failed in managing the crisis of Iraqi refugees

Post by Kiny0625 on Sat Jul 12, 2008 3:12 am


report issued by the Group of global crises, that the Iraqi government
and the international community failed in their responsibility to do
about the crisis of Iraqi refugees in neighbouring countries, saying
that the crisis did not start because of military actions, but faltered
after the American efforts to rebuild the country, and yet That
civilians have become "targets of rebel groups and sectarian militias."

The report said in its executive summary that "a refugee crisis
had been anticipated before the invasion of coalition forces to Iraq in
2003, but it emerged later in what was expected, and on a larger
scale." The report said this crisis "did not start because of this
military action, but two years later, when U.S. efforts stalled efforts
to rebuild the country, civilians have become targets of rebel groups
and sectarian militias."

The report went on was entitled
"Liability failed: Iraqi refugees in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon," and be 47
pages, which included 5 axes as well as the introduction and
conclusion, that "while witnessing the security situation in Iraq made
significant progress, but the refugee crisis will persist for some
time, But perhaps exacerbated if this proves to be ephemeral progress.
" He explained that "management problem wave of refugees, which
overloaded Jordan and Syria, and much less about Lebanon, a
resource-poor countries, the international community and the Iraqi
government failed to shoulder their responsibility over this case.

report went on, that "while the exact numbers of refugees uncertain,
but the magnitude of the problem is not in the conflict: the crisis of
Iraqi refugees today nearly two million and a half million outside the
country, and a number similar to that of displaced persons, making it
the second country in the world Where these figures are not progressing
only Afghanistan and Sudan came after. "

The report, inter
recommendations to the Iraqi government first, and members of the
international community, including the European Union and the Arab
countries rich, secondly, to the Governments of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon
III, and several High Commission for Refugees at the United Nations,
the United Nations assistance mission in Iraq (Iunami), the
Organization World Migration.

The report called on the Iraqi
government to fulfil its responsibilities towards its citizens refugees
by helping them directly, or through mechanisms of the United Nations
or the host countries, financial support; and cooperation with United
Nations offices that provide food assistance and health; assistance to
host countries and UNHCR P supply uniforms School and basic school

The second recommendation to the Iraqi government
to increase the support it has promised to host neighboring countries,
including the recycling of surplus funds from previous budget. As well
as a support mechanism for the refugees wishing to return to the
country through: ensuring Iraqi embassies to carry out regular
assessments and objectively about the nature of the security situation
in certain areas, in addition to providing advice on whether the
conditions conducive for return; and the establishment of local
committees due to refugees returning from To obtain government support
and Arbitration (in cases of property or employment); and allocate a
proportion of sites in the state administration to the refugees wishing
to return and announce that the Iraqi embassy.

The fourth
recommendation called on the Iraqi Government to refrain from Chjiea
large-scale return before the security conditions permit, before
activating the mechanisms previous question. He requested the report in
his fifth permit and facilitate the participation of refugees in the
forthcoming local elections; allow and facilitate the transfer of
pensions and other benefits due to workers in the former State residing

The Global Crisis Group, a research center based in
the United States, specializing submit reports on the crisis in the
world and in diverse areas


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