Example al-Umma Party secretary-general of Iraq

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Example al-Umma Party secretary-general of Iraq

Post by Kiny0625 on Sat Jul 12, 2008 10:05 am

by KCANBS Today at 4:10 am

(Voice of Iraq) - 12-07-2008

Example al-Umma Party secretary-general of Iraq:

BAGHDAD - Iraqi Information Nation Party
deputy secretary-general example of al-Ummah Party that the State of
the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has promised to allocate the
amount of one million dinars for each family displaced and added that
this promise came during a visit by Deputy al-Premier of the State late
last week and confirmed the Prime Minister said that security agencies
would ensure the return of Wishing to protect their homes and after

At the same al-MP revealed that the Minister of
Displacement and Migration had been blessed in a telephone talk with
the bold step of the return of displaced families from the district
justice and Hittin and green and red, and the university to their homes
and remove illegal occupants of their homes, and added the Minister of
Immigration and displaced people to turn that the ministry will be
handed each of the leaves The role of illegal occupants of the rental
grant for six months at (300) thousand dinars per month for the purpose
of arranging outside their houses in order for immigrants, some of whom
Estbdl Mazlumian others unjustly.

He thanked the deputy
al-wise steps undertaken by government agencies at the same time
stressing that the Iraqi Nation Party, which works with everyone for
the return of the displaced in turn supports the work to shoulder its
responsibilities in not to abandon both come voluntarily from the house
in which operated illegally from areas Justice and the university
district, Hittin and green and red and declares its readiness to assume
full file to ensure their return to their areas, which also abandoned

The Secretary General of the Iraqi Nation Party to a
huge demonstration of motor vehicles will be launched across Baghdad
today to emphasize the need for the return of the displaced to their
areas, including displaced by sectarian and will participate in the
demonstration, the huge collection of large families displaced and
invited supporters of the party members and citizens stressing that he
would be at the forefront of the demonstrators involved in Campaign

It is worth mentioning that hundreds of displaced
families in the neighborhood of Justice and the University has
demonstrated a month ago led by deputy al demonstrators have decided to define a date for their return ends on 15 / 7 / 2008 day next Tuesday.
Iraqi Nation Party
The Information Office



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