A prospective strategic agreements with countries worldwide

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A prospective strategic agreements with countries worldwide

Post by Bambaboo on Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:24 am

A prospective strategic agreements with countries worldwide

Al-Maliki declared objectives of his visit to Berlin and the Political Council issued a special statement on (Sofa)
BAGHDAD - Al Sabah

Government and within the orientation of openness to the world, for holding conventions strategic comprehensive or specialized with several capitals, similar to the recent treaty with Ankara.

And these moves are consistent with other efforts to reach agreement with Washington on clauses of the agreement on security cooperation "Sufa", particularly the Political Council for National Security will hold a special meeting to issue a special statement, showing the position of the political forces of the Convention and the Government's recent request to add a clause providing U.S. forces evacuation According to a withdrawal timetable.

And signed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during the recent visit to Baghdad last weekend, a joint declaration to shape the Supreme Council for the strategic cooperation between the two countries.

The prime minister said: "We hope the signing of a number of agreements between Iraq and Germany," during the upcoming visit to Berlin, saying it aimed to strengthen relations and expand the horizons of cooperation between the two countries in all fields, particularly economic and investment fields. An interview with al-Maliki came during his meeting yesterday, Minister of Economy and Technology German Michael Glos and his accompanying delegation, as saying: "The security successes achieved by our armed forces and security services have made us turn towards the construction and reconstruction, which has encouraged international companies to request contribute to the implementation of economic projects and physical, calling at the same time, German companies for work in Iraq and participate in These projects.

The Prime Minister added, "The atmosphere we provide appropriate security for the protection of international companies that will work in Iraq and we will offer necessary support to ensure the success of its functions, saying that this government has economic projects futuristic multi-faceted, including projects to increase oil production.

For his part, praised the Minister of Economy and Technology German successes achieved by the government, especially at the level of security, reaffirmed his country's support for the government and support it in its order to achieve security, stability and prosperity in Iraq, affirming the willingness of German companies for work in Iraq and participate in construction projects, reconstruction and investment.
In the context of similar, uncovered on the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mahmoud Othman, an orientation on the Iraqi strategic agreements in various fields with the regional and global levels that have the effect economically and politically, like the Convention, which concluded with Turkey and kissed with Iran within the open-door policy pursued at this stage .

Othman said in an exclusive statement to "Assabah": that Iraq is interested in concluding agreements to enhance strategic cooperation with various countries of the region, particularly those which possess considerable weight in the world, as well as a wish of strengthening relations with the country within the diplomatic policy of openness adopted by the government, noting that Iraq wants to open up to various world countries and developing agreed to cooperate with them in order to mutually benefit from the experiences and competencies in various fields, especially as the country's future on the process of reconstruction and construction of various infrastructure. On the other hand, favored Osman testify this week a meeting of the Political Council for National Security The participation of most of the strong participation to discuss the latest developments in the conduct of the negotiating process with the United States on the Security Agreement, explaining that the next few days with indications of a meeting near the Political Council for National Security, as well as the Executive Board (3 +1) to discuss convention security and Iraq's relations with the United States The ongoing negotiations with them, as well as examine a number of laws that need to be resolved, such as political elections, especially since the Political Council has not held any meeting since a month.
Baghdad witnessed yesterday, a new round of bilateral talks between Baghdad and Washington to reach an agreement on security cooperation agreement "Sufa.

Osman pointed out that there are different views on dealing with the Security Agreement, which carried the last few days several positions of senior officials, stressing the need to make a political council to hold its position to emerge a clear and unified views of all the paper through a unified show of political principles and demands and take a strong position in the negotiations With the other side and adopt transparency in putting forward ideas, returned Political Council for National Security umbrella of the task forces participating in the political process.

The prime minister had demanded during his recent visit to the UAE, the need to include the Convention on security cooperation with Washington to be held between the two countries, a clause providing U.S. forces evacuation of the country according to schedule.





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