Coming days will witness the opening of the first space observatory in Iraq

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Coming days will witness the opening of the first space observatory in Iraq

Post by Bambaboo on Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:56 am

Remove the effects of Tuwaitha reactor and prepare for the opening of the first space observatory in Iraq

Iraqi national - Luna / Sunday, July 13 / Baghdad

Minister of Science and Technology Iraqi Raid Fahmi on the ministry to remove the effects of a devastating first nuclear facility in Iraq rests region / Tuwaitha / south of Baghdad.

He pointed out that the coming days will witness the opening of the first observatory in Iraq.

Fahmi said in a statement to journalists today that his ministry After years of hard work succeeded in removing this nuclear facility

He affirmed that Iraq has destroyed 18 nuclear facility and that the goal of elimination is to prevent contamination of humans and the environment in Iraq radiation. He disclosed that the ministry will open the first space observatory in Iraq during the next few days.

He explained that the observatory, which will be opened in Baghdad would contribute to the development of scientific research in the fields of agriculture, irrigation, statistics and all other areas of life inside Iraq.

Fahmi added that the ministry is currently preparing advanced research to combat desertification in Iraq, where tests have been applied some of the Iraqi scientists in a number of areas in Iraq are promising good results.

He pointed out that the ministry started preparing research aimed at increasing agricultural production in Iraq and to reach solutions on the obstacles facing this sector at the present time. It is noteworthy that the nuclear reactor, which has been removed to raise the Tuwaitha site south of Baghdad is the nuclear reactor Federation, which previously carried coalition aircraft bombed in 1991 is an experimental nuclear reactor Iraq had purchased for the purpose of conducting scientific research after signing a final protocol with the Soviet Union in the July 14, 1960 MW capacity 2 It was then lifted by its technicians Soviets to 5 MW capacity is not sufficient to manufacture a nuclear bomb, which in turn requires the capacity exceeding the 50 MW.

The Ministry of Science and Technology of Iraq has formed after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in in 2003 which includes employees of the Iraqi Atomic Energy Organization of Military Industrialization Corporation, which was resolved after this year and the ministry responsible for the preparation of scientific research in all fields and to provide counselling for all institutions of the Iraqi state.



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