Vice Alliance: Convention security necessary for Iraq, as are the countries of the world

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Vice Alliance: Convention security necessary for Iraq, as are the countries of the world

Post by Bambaboo on Sat Sep 27, 2008 9:01 am


Vice Alliance: Convention security necessary for Iraq, as are the countries of the world

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. counting MP Khaled al-Asadi from the United Iraqi Alliance Signed Iraq and the United States security agreement between the two countries is essential for Iraq, as are necessary for the rest of the world.

He said al-Asadi, told the independent press (Iba) today, Saturday,: "We are very we have a very good collection and agreements with the countries of the world without exception, pointing to the need for Iraq to help them and to the technology they own.

He stressed that Iraq is still in the process of building the country and, in the light of the state and the physical basis in Iraq, we need to we get all States that have Tnfna, at the same time, these countries have interests with Iraq, including the threat of strategic and a huge stockpile of energy in addition to The presence of many of the projects you want the world to implement in Iraq.

Asadi said the Iraqis want to hold a security agreement with America which will have a positive effect on the reality of the Iraqi people and the Iraqi state, they also want to be agreement between the two countries that an agreement between the occupation force with an occupied country, stressing that Iraq is a matter of international law has become a non-occupied officially.

Asadi said that the Convention is important to maintain the utmost degree Iraq's sovereignty, because the Iraqi people felt that affect the sovereignty of the country, even if certain words.

He said giving immunity to U.S. troops in the absence of immunity for the Iraqi citizen Itattabr insult to the Iraqi people can not accept in any form.

He continued: "The Iraqi side had demanded that the limited immunity to American soldiers inside the camp, they are killed, and not leave the camps only after obtaining the consent of the Iraqi government Obtalb from the Iraqi government.

A patient about the presence of another controversial point, the issue of inspections, where they asked Americans not to inspection upon entry or exit from Iraq, in other words, they are not controlled by the Iraqi authorities, stating that this was also rejected by the Iraqis.

It should be noted that the security agreement to be signed between Iraq and the United States face many obstacles in particular with regard to the issue of immunity requested by the Americans for their soldiers and contractors with them, a charge rejected by Iraq, and some insiders Char to a Tqhrb in this regard between the two sides, with lawmaker Ali al-Adeeb, did not receive in Iraq No response on demands by the U.S. side.



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