Kurdish veto the decisions of the Federal Government

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Kurdish veto the decisions of the Federal Government

Post by Bambaboo on Sat Sep 27, 2008 9:31 am


Kurdish veto the decisions of the Federal Government

Can not be fair to any analyst deny Maanah Iraqi Kurds from the tragedies and horrors of authoritarian rule under Saddam Hussein, but not acceptable to jump over the denial of the facts mistakes committed by successive Iraqi governments against their fellow Kurds, the Kurds the right to be careful now not to repeat past disasters exercised Governments chauvinism or factional take Baghdad headquarters of the unjust resolutions, extremist and narrow-minded, and the push toward being partners in stabilizing Iraq, the federal administration, which has room for all of her citizens without discrimination or exclusion of any of the components of community, but is the right response to exercise veto the decisions of the federal government involved To manage?

If the Kurds have a fear of the current Baghdad government in the security sphere, do believe that the federation meant giving them the right to act as they please, even if such acts involving threats to the security of Iraq as a result of external agreements or internal movements are in the same direction, without Have the right to move the federal government determined to prevent such acts?.

To begin with, must be noted that the individual (Vito) are commonly used by the mechanics of voting in the UN Security Council, where they can any of the five permanent members - the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France - disrupt any draft resolution that the Council may wish to publish it Houde, even if the consent of four votes tenth of the total number of fifteen members of the council has been prevented in the voting machine to perform the work effectively, efficiently and the reasons I came back from his failure to achieve equality and justice in the publication of international resolutions and raised voices from within the international community demanding an alternative to more Efficient and more democratic. The common metaphor to talk about another veto exercised by the President of the United States when objections to the draft resolution voted by Congress, which is pushing to return the project to the Council for a second or vacation amended by two-thirds majority vote without affecting the presidential veto. According to the use of veto even if it is legally licensed a draft resolution issued as obstructionist, even if this project was just 100%, thereby paralyzing the legislative process and Irbakha.

And analyze the political situation in Iraq today, leads us to believe that the Kurdish party is pushing for the enjoyment of the right to exercise veto the decisions of the Federal Government, and this belief comes from Manlmsh practices of the leaders of the Kurds, perhaps the latest claim is that the military arm of the federal government in Baghdad, subject to certain controls First, the consent of the Kurdistan regional government Matakdh the Baghdad government of arming foreign transactions, for fear of the use of such weapons against them when the difference in views between the two parties in future, and this is value out of hand, for many reasons including:

First, the Kurds acted this way with the federal government like a deal between two independent, and not deal between the regional government and the federal government.

Secondly the responsibility to protect the national security is the prerogative of the federal government must take all appropriate decisions to achieve this, and this government is a government of all Iraqis, including Kurds who preach a high proportion of the positions.

Third, the Federal Constitution has guaranteed through the relationship between the three powers - legislative, executive and judiciary not to release by the federal government to use force only to the extent permitted by the Constitution.

IV, has no right to impose standards of Kurds and non-urgent calculated, specifying the Federal Government's relationship with regional governments before a territorial units for the rest of the components of Iraqi society, so that setting standards requires the participation of all these components through their local governments the future, and it can be considered as the current provincial councils As local governments have the weight of the Kurdistan regional government.
But if the Kurds wanted to ensure that their national rights, national, Let them be active in building a strong federal government side, and democratic decisions - not any individual from the other side.

And the establishment of this government is the real guarantee of the interests of the Iraqi people, individuals and groups, and if the government has taken such a decision must be respected by all territorial units, the existence of this government to Aitnavy with the federal dimension of the new Iraq, but the problem in Iraq today is that some advocates of federal, want to elaborate on Mqasathm , For a purpose is not to establish a federal government, as is the case with the federal government in the rest of the world, but a government subject to federal and regional governments will paralyzed them, and this serious error from two sides: the first is violating the constitutional assets recognized in federal States, and the second is that Environmental integrity of Iraq requires a strong government to take firm measures to protect national security and unity, including the right to enter any of the regional components of the Union by force if necessary, without being in violation of the constitutional assets recognized in federal States, this is the United States, for example When civil war broke out in 1863, protested the chairmanship of the Federal Government Ancoln constitutional right to declare all-out war against more than a dozen states of the constituent States to maintain its unity and national security, said that Del something, then it shows that the federation approach contrary to secession On the one hand, rejects Shell will place the other hand, allows the Federal Government to exercise its opinions appropriate force to ensure national security and unity of a third party.

In the light of Matkdm, it can be said: that the Iraqi province of any existing or in the future if the thought of separation or attack its neighbors or regional procedure to circumvent the powers of the Federal Government, expect a firm response from this government. And to lay the foundations of proper federal Iraq well, Requires knows CAPS: That the veto imposed on the Federal Government of Iraq, is unconstitutional and contrary to the principles known in the Federal States federal, must avoid the exercise of any local government made up of the Union.

To safeguard the interests of the components of the Iraqi people is through promoting constitutional norms, and the imposition of a true partnership in the management of the Union State. That the building of a strong federal government committed to the path of democratic governance is important, because the government's weakness adversely commensurate with the success of democracy and its continuity.The Federal Government of Iraq must not be weak in upholding the constitutional prerogatives of national security in the area, as is the case for governments in the contemporary federal States, or the day will come when this government finds itself paralyzed the will and unable to protect Iraq's unity and sovereignty against external threat or internal rebellion .




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