More bad guys caught.

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More bad guys caught.

Post by Adster on Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:13 am

30 suspected al-Qaeda men captured in northern, central Iraq

Baghdad - Voices of Iraq

Friday , 11 /07 /2008

Time 12:05:17

July 11 (VOI) Coalition forces detained 30 suspected "terrorists"
during three days of operations targeting al-Qaeda leaders,
subordinates and facilitators in central and northern Iraq, according
to a statement by the U.S. army.

forces captured the alleged leader of an al-Qaeda in Iraq bombing
network in the Tigris River Valley on Thursday and detained nine
additional suspected terrorists. The alleged leader had moved into his
position after his predecessor was killed in an operation June 4.
During two operations near Tikrit, about 160 kilometers north of
Baghdad, Coalition forces also discovered a machine gun, body armor and
bomb-making materials," read the statement received by Aswat al-Iraq Voices of Iraq (VOI).
near Tikrit, Coalition forces captured a wanted man believed to help
foreign terrorists get into Iraq to conduct attacks for AQI. The man is
suspected of forging documents for foreign terrorists and coordinating
suicide operations targeting both security forces and civilians. One
additional suspect was detained in the operation."
"Farther north,
near Baoji, Coalition forces detained four suspected terrorists
Thursday while targeting a man believed to provide shelter to foreign
terrorists who come into Iraq to conduct attacks. In a nearby operation
Wednesday, Coalition forces used information from an operation June 30
to capture an alleged close associate of a bombing cell leader and four
additional suspects."
"Thursday in Fallujah, about 55 kilometers
west of Baghdad, Coalition forces captured an alleged cell leader
believed to be involved with AQI in the Southern Belts around the city.
The man is suspected of manufacturing and distributing car bombs for
terrorist attacks."
"Closer to the Baghdad, Coalition forces in Abu
Grab detained four suspected terrorists Wednesday while targeting a
car-bombing cell."
"Operations in Mosul netted four suspected
terrorists Tuesday and Thursday while targeting an AQI leader in the
city. One man was injured in the Thursday operation but was treated on
site by a Coalition forces medic."
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