Friday sermons calling for the establishment of electoral law

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Friday sermons calling for the establishment of electoral law

Post by Kiny0625 on Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:50 am

(Voice of Iraq) - 12-07-2008

sermons calling for the adoption of the electoral law ... Sistani's
representative: the government introduced «memorandum of understanding»

BAGHDAD - Khulud Amri life - 12/07/08 / /

preachers focused on Iraq calling for the adoption of the electoral
law, and talk about some new security agreement to be signed between
Iraq and the United States. He said Sheikh Mahdi Alkrblaney, Khatib and
the dish Husseini representative of the Supreme Shiite Ali al-Sistani
in Karbala that there is «a popular and official uniform of the
agreement is based on concern for full sovereignty for Iraq, and there
is a tendency to frame the agreement in the title of a memorandum of

He demanded the government involve components
Alkrblaney political actors in the development of the items put on the
negotiations, and stressed that the case «interest to all sons of the
Iraqi people, and in the stage of ratification must be presented these
items to be discussed thoroughly discussed in parliament because it
represents the will of the people».

He talked about the
possibility of postponement of provincial council elections at the end
of this year, and demanded political blocs surpassing the differences
and «agreed to pay an acceptable formula by which the elements
efficient and dedicated to the provincial assemblies, thus showing the
aspirations of the people».

He called the House of
Representatives to expedite the ratification of the election law, and
that «not take the issue of Kirkuk reason for the delay», also asked
voters b «efficient selection personalities that can serve the country
and worshippers».

He noted that the government parties
«overestimated the electoral propaganda and stopped far short of their
political and religious propaganda maintained». He said that «the best
way to take these parties for propaganda must be based on the
achievements of their ministries», contending «exit Minister publicly
acknowledging mistakes and for failing to book those responsible for
corruption and administrative best way to publicize the election could
consolidate their confidence».

, It demanded Sheikh Mahmoud
Sumaida'ie, Imam of a mosque preacher, or villages, government
operations to continue to enforce the law in all regions of Iraq, said
that «the provinces of Mosul and Diyala suffering bad security
situations and should be cleansed of the remnants of Al Qaeda». He
appealed to the mosques and imams of mosques and Husainid celebrations
«not make them support center for terrorists and militias that are used
to store weapons». He said that houses of worship «found things to
enlighten people and not their religion to spread murder and
destruction among the people». He welcomed the opening of Iraq to the
Arab world, said that «many Arab countries would open embassies in the

In addition, official sources said that security
forces yesterday raided the Imam Ali mosque north-west of Diwaniyah,
and arrested mosque preacher Sheikh Hussein Alkrblaney during his
Friday sermon, as well as 25 of the worshippers, mostly supporters of
Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

She added that the reason for arrest is «overrun on the government carries the insults during the speeches and events».


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