Political one: a political agreement to adopt the open list in the elections

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Political one: a political agreement to adopt the open list in the elections

Post by Kiny0625 on Sat Jul 12, 2008 3:02 am


Erdogan culminate his visit to Baghdad to sign strategic partnership and weights conclusion "Sufa" this month
BAGHDAD - Al Sabah

forces took an important step to break the impasse commitment to the
date of provincial council elections, when most of the items agreed on
the law governing the election dues, most notably the adoption of open
list. Baghdad, which saw

Yesterday I fastest new diplomat, a
visiting Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the whole he
described as "historic", what resulted in a strategic understandings
and agreements, preparing to sign a convention or a common security
framework with Washington before the end of the month, according to
sources quoted well-informed "Sabah". The country's leaders had
conducted consultations with the positive Erdogan during the latter's
presence in Baghdad, after a visit lasted approximately 24 hours, and
resulted in the signing of a joint political declaration of the
founding of the Supreme Council for the strategic cooperation between
the two countries. And the collection of President Jalal Talabani, most
officials in the State with the Prime Minister of Turkey, at a dinner
before leaving Baghdad. She described the atmosphere of the talks as
"clean", where Turkey and Iraq have agreed to continue efforts to
consolidate relations in all areas, and the continuation of joint
meetings held annually at the two premiers, and regular meetings every
three months between ministers from both sides. He said Prime Minister
Nouri al-Maliki talks during the tour Held in Baghdad yesterday, said
"Erdogan's visit to Iraq after 18 years, carrying several messages to
the peoples of both countries and countries in the region, and
indicates a new beginning of peace, security and cooperation in all
areas, and replacing the language of dialogue and understanding instead
of the language of arms and violence.

Extensive details of Al-2 Politically, but in another framework, the
parliamentary blocs reached an agreement on election law and district
councils and district respects. According to Sheikh Humaid milestone
deputy coalition consolidated, the political forces agreed on most
items of election law, stressing that he "has not only left the
question of Kirkuk, and the representation of women, And minorities. He
said a milestone in the special permit for "morning:" The new agreement
is the adoption of open list in the elections, and the distribution of
powers between the Council of Ministers and the Electoral Commission,
in addition to consensus on the issue of the use of religious symbols.
Al-Maliki and pledged recently to hold the next provincial council
elections in a climate suitable, democratic and secure, declaring that
he will devote days each province for the elections, and that the
government supports the adoption of open list. He added that Sheikh
milestone election law will be discussed within the parliament next
Tuesday, stressing that the positive atmosphere prevails meetings of
representatives of parliamentary blocs.

Security, well
informed sources this month to witness the signing of a framework
convention or a common security between Baghdad and Washington,
asserting that the parties (Iraq and the United States) Stay away from
hardliners positions, and that the current negotiations of calm and
mutual understanding. It attributed sources confirmed near the signing
of the Treaty "Sufa", away points of contention between the parties,
especially between the American side recently, at a meeting held during
the past two days, a formula that will not be compromised emphasizes
the sovereignty of Iraq and agreed with the government on the movement
of troops, in addition to the need Commitment date of signing the
agreement as stated in the "Declaration of Intent" signed by the Prime
Minister with U.S. President George W. Bush last December.

Amidst this photo, entered
Baghdad and London in the second week of their talks to determine the
future of British troops stationed in Iraq. A spokesman for the British
government, John Wilkes said in a telephone conversation with the
"morning" from London last month, that the British government is
awaiting the outcome of the talks between Baghdad and Washington on the
long-standing convention that have not concluded until now, saying in
an interview that Britain permanently with the government Iraq on the
next phase of the relations between the two countries, pointing out
that his country sought to sign a similar agreement for "Sofa."
said that new negotiations led by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, and
the second round with the adviser to the British Defense Minister
Jonathan Dai and his accompanying delegation currently visiting the



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