Political agreement on open slate at elections

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Political agreement on open slate at elections

Post by GottaDash on Sat Jul 12, 2008 7:38 am

Does anyone know what happened to the basket of laws they put together to have passed all at once? Seems like they are back to debating each indvidual law. -Dash
Baghdad, July. 12, P. 1
Political parties made an important progress when it agreed on most of elections law's articles, particularly applying open slate system.

On the other hand, Turkish PM Reccep Erdogan's visit to Baghdad resulted signing strategic partnership and agreements and joint political announcement to create higher council of the strategic cooperation between the two countries.
Talks' atmospheres between Iraqi and Turkish officials described as "clear", while PM Noori Almaliki said at the talks that "Erdogan's visit to Iraq after 18 years holds many messages to the two countries' people and the region, and it suggests new beginning of security, peace and cooperation at all fields, and replacement dialogue and understanding instead of weapon and violence."


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