Iraq receives full Formal Sovereignty?

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Iraq receives full Formal Sovereignty?

Post by Kiny0625 on Sat Jul 12, 2008 3:51 pm

Mr. Prime Minister will meet with a gathering of tribal elders and dignitaries Wasit governorate

(Voice of Iraq) - 12-07-2008


Minister Nuri Kamel al-Maliki that our motto is to entrench the rule of
law which accompanied at every moment in every position and that our
goal is to establish the rule of law that respects the rights away from
partisan affiliations, sectarian and factional.

This came during today's formal sovereignty Library Adeddamn tribal elders and dignitaries Wasit governorate.

added that Mr. Prime Minister, Wasit governorate deserve our praise and
appreciation for the sacrifices of their sons and honorable positions
for Iraq.

stressed that the position of sovereignty Almedin dignitaries and heads
of tribes and the pro-government actions and our security forces
against terrorists and lawless is the one who enabled us to remove the
danger of civil war that was threatening the country.

praised Mr. Prime Minister, the role of Iraqi tribes to play by holding
conferences and meetings which seek to work together to achieve the
national interest and unify voice, affirming that the government is
working on setting up a national council of senior Iraqi tribes and

He added, we have to build the security
services on a national basis and professional want to work based on law
and professional contexts that do not allow excess to citizens or
interfere with dignity, and also want the citizens to cooperate with
these devices because they work for their protection.

added, Mr. Prime Minister: today, after the successes achieved by
security moving towards construction, reconstruction and international
companies began competing for work in Iraq, and we will work to provide
everything that serves the people and develop their standard of living
and provide better services for them and provide employment

He said: We have
launched the initiative and we'll buy agricultural equipment and
agricultural materials sophisticated and modern and compensate farmers
from their land Aldharralve right and anything that might raise the
level of production of this vital sector.

He called Mr. Prime
Minister everybody to broad participation in the forthcoming elections
and improve the people choose their representatives to positions of

He urged tribal elders and the whole people to
note the successes of the government in the security aspects,
political, economic and national reconciliation and to improve the
situation of living of the general staff and people in particular.

new Senate Asharmhafezh Wasit support for the government and support it
in every play in order to achieve security, stability and impose law
and preserve the dignity of the state and national reconciliation and
establishment of economic enterprises and urban and willingness to
participate wide in the upcoming elections.


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