Iran, Iraqi Kurdistan review expansion of ties

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Iran, Iraqi Kurdistan review expansion of ties

Post by GottaDash on Mon Jul 14, 2008 2:17 pm

Orumiyeh, Iranian Kurdistan, (BBC ) The governor-general of West Azarbaijan Province, Rahim Qorbani, has called for cooperation of regional countries in the protection of the environment.
At a meeting with Dara Muhammad-Amin Sa'id, minister of environment of Iraqi Kurdistan, in the governor-generals office Saturday, Qorbani said: We can have constructive and effective cooperation because of the very close characteristics of the environment of the neighbouring countries.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has valuable and long experience in environmental issues and we are ready to share this experience with experts of neighbouring countries," Dr Qorbani added.

Speaking about West Azarbaijan Province's success in the prevention and control of bird fly, Qorbani touched on the need for more cooperation between the region's countries in the fight against some epizootic diseases.

Stressing our country's continued humanitarian aid to northern Iraq, the governor-general said we are ready to cooperate with the authorities and people of this region, which is undergoing reconstruction. He mentioned Iran's help to the people of Iraqi Kurdistan during the [Iran-Iraq] war.

The minister of environment of Iraqi Kurdistan, Dara Muhammad- Amin Sa'id, thanked the Iranian government and people for their aid to the people of Iraqi Kurdistan.

"Considering that the Iraqi Ministry of Environment was established only three years ago, we are ready to use the experiences of the Islamic Republic of Iran in improving the technical knowledge of our experts."

At a meeting between the head of the Environmental Department of East Azarbaijan Province, Kiyumars Kalantari, and the minister of environment of Iraqi Kurdistan on the same day, the two sides called for expansion of environmental cooperation in the region.

In that meeting, the head of the provincial environmental department spoke about the valuable experience of Iranian experts in various environmental fields and the long history of organizational activities of Iran in connection with environmental issues.

"Considering the common points, we are ready to share our experience in environmental issues with experts of Iraqi Kurdistan. Today, the environment and its protection are not limited to any geographical borders and all countries are responsible for protection of the wealth bestowed upon us by God," he said.

The Iraqi Kurdistan's minister, Dara Muhammad-Amin Sa'id, expressed his gratitude to the Iranian people and government for their help to the Iraqi people. He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran was together with the Iraqi people in their difficult days and now that Iraq is being reconstructed, Iranian officials are helping us.

Muhammad-Amin Sa'id pointed out that the flora and fauna have been destroyed in a large part of Iraq because of the military situation. "In the past three years, we have been trying to restore the flora and lakes in northern Iraq. We hope that the Islamic Republic of Iran will share its valuable experience in this field with us," he added.

He also called for the holding of training courses for northern Iraq's environmental experts by their Iranian colleagues.

The Iraqi Kurdistan's minister also had a separate meeting with the head of the natural resources office of West Azarbaijan province and discussed bilateral relations with him.

Originally published by Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran West Azarbaijan Provincial TV, Orumiyeh, in Azari 1600 12 Jul 08.

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